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First Annual Grand Traverse Mountain Run & Bike


The Grand Traverse is proud to offer a supported trail run and mountain bike race from Crested Butte to Aspen on Saturday, August 16th, 2014. The course approximates the 40 mile route that skiers have undertaken since the inception of the winter traverse in 1998.   The races’ will start  in downtown Crested Butte on Elk Avenue and finish at the base of Aspen Mountain.

Race Overview

Runners will start on Elk Ave at 6:30AM (Mtn. Bikers @ 9AM), run to the Upper Upper Loop trail via Tony’s, over to Brush Creek Road, and out to Canal Trail. They will continue on through Death Pass (Trail 400) to Star Pass to Taylor Pass and Richmond Ridge and into the Aspen Ski Resort for the Finish at the base of Aspen Mountain. Racers may do the run solo or as a team of two. With the team entry, both teammates will run the entire course. This is not a relay race. Both teammates must arrive at each check point together and finish the race together.



Suggested Additional Gear

There will be 5 Aid Stations on the course that will have limited water, food and nutritional products. THEY WILL NOT HAVE CUPS FOR DISPENSING WATER, RACERS MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN WATER CONTAINER.  THIS IS A CUP-LESS RACE!  The following items are also suggested but not mandatory: wind shell pants, sunblock, water sterilization, matches or lighter, compass & map (of the area), light gloves, trekking poles, emergency space blanket, running pack, cell phone (very limited service on course).


The weather is a dominant factor for this run and can be as formidable as the terrain, the remoteness and the high altitude. Realize that late August thunderstorms are widespread. If you are pinned down, chances are that other runners are, too. Your position in the field will probably not change. Use the time wisely – eat, drink, stay warm, and rest. You will be able to run faster when the storm has passed. The course ranges from 7,907ft – 12,100ft, be prepared and train hard for this; especially if you are training at a low altitude.

Race Rules

  • Racers must stay on designated trails, no short cutting over land/tundra.
  • The Grand Traverse organizing committee has final authority on any question that may arise during the race.
  • Racers must leave each aid station by the posted cut-off time (see above). Otherwise racers will be turned around, just like the winter ski race.
  • No littering.
  • No stashing of supplies along the course and no accepting aid except within 400 yards of a designated aid station.
  • Participants agree to be pulled for medical and safety reasons if it is determined that such action is in their best interest.
  • Aid station captains have the authority to act on behalf of the Grand Traverse organizing committee.
  • No pacers, or “mueling” for solo category.
  • Enjoy yourself!!!!!


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  • Entry Fee:

    $75 Individual before August 1 / $90 after.

    $140 Team of Two before August 1 / $160 after.

    Participants of Grand Traverse ski race receive a 10% discount.

  • Check-in:

    Check-in will be Friday, August, 15th at the Alpineer in Downtown Crested Butte from Noon – 4PM.

    Registration will close at 4PM on August, 15.

    No race day registration!

  • Aid Stations:

    1) Ferris Creek
    2) Intersection of Forest Service Trail 400 & 405 #
    3) Taylor Pass
    4) Barnard Hut
    5) Aspen Sundeck

  • Cut Off Times:

    11am – Aid Station #2 – Intersection of Forest Service Trail 400 & 405 – Athletes will be turned around and must return to Crested Butte if they arrive after 11AM.

    2:00 PM – Aid Station #3 – Taylor Pass – Athletes will be driven off of Taylor Pass by event vehicles if they arrive after 2PM.

    Finish area will wrap at 7PM.

  • Mandatory Gear:

    Container to carry your water minimum 12oz (aid stations will not have cups),

    CORSAR card, Buff or light hat, dark sunglasses, wind shell with hood.